TSS4U Participation to TX – MENA 2020

TSS brand name is a standard of the most trusted off-grid solar solution at TX - Mena

TSS4U made a big impression during the Middle East North Africa TowerXchange “once a year event” in Dubai over the two days, thanks to its quality reputation with +1.000 running Solar sites over the last +15 years across the entire MENA region in the Oil & Gas industry.

All independent wireless tower company’s (Tower Co’s) and Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) showed a particular interest in the off-grid TSS4U Solar only or Solar hybrid solutions in the Telecom remote areas.

It became very clear that the following USP’s were catching the attention of all:

  • A dual system set-up, based on two sub-systems, means there’s never downtime/only uptime
  • Passive cooled solar power system/control box, means no energy loss, reliability (no fans required, and no moving parts) & a continuous running system
  • System sizing on DC equipment (no losses from converting 48 Vdc to 230 Vac), means saving 20% – 30% on the solar capacity, space, capex

CEO, Dop Brzesowsky, who participated at the event was often asked what is the secret behind the TSS reliability and quality reputation explained the following:

“Based on more than 20 years’ experience in the off grid solar hybrid world, we have developed our own control systems and co-developed solar batteries for harsh environments (above +50 °C) and we learned the hard way how to build reliable Solar Hybrid Systems for rural- and very remote locations, which run 24/7, 365 days a year, easily 7 years continuously without changing your battery pack”.
Meet-up MENA 2020

Eindhoven companies collaborate on ’10 million-order’ for solar energy systems in the Middle East

Eindhoven companies are working together on record order for solar energy systems in the Middle East

EINDHOVEN – For its solar energy systems in oil fields, the Eindhoven-based company TSS4U is working on a record order of 10 million euros. Together with the regional suppliers VHE and Itsme, it realizes more than 150 systems in the desert of Abu Dhabi.


According to director Dop Brzesowsky of TSS4U, the turnover of many years is surpassed with the assignment for oil company Adnoc. The ‘Shell of the United Arab Emirates’ is going to tap new oil fields in the desert.

Biggest in ten years

In places like this where there is no electricity network, TSS4U supplies systems for controlling solar panels, storing solar energy in batteries and supplying power. “For larger assignments, it involves a value of 1.2 or sometimes 3 million euros. This of more than 10 million euros is the largest order in this industry in ten years”, says Brzesowsky.

He calls it ‘unique’ that a Dutch company has won the contract. “We often work with local contractors. We won the order because of the very high quality and reliability of our systems.”

Three companies with 35 employees

TSS4U does not produce itself. The company calls itself a system integrator. For the record order, it works together with suppliers VHE and Itsme. VHE assembles the cabinets with electronics in Veldhoven that control the energy systems. The Eindhoven wholesaler Itsme supplies switches and other electronic components. Around 35 employees from the three companies are involved in the assignment.

“As a team we have created something magical”, says the director of TSS4U. The order is also short preparation time. The production process had to be set up quickly. The companies also joined forces to finance the contract.

The first systems were delivered last month. The last deliveries are expected in the summer.


This is a translated article. The original version can be read in the  Eindhovens Dagblad.

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