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Solar Hybrid Systems

Infinitum, TSS’ Solar Hybrid Solution

TSS has developed a durable, modular and expandable solar hybrid control cabinet, offering flexibility and modularity in one: infinitum. The infinitum hybrid solar power system overcomes problems related to an increasing load demand or problems integrating old and new batteries.

infinitum is the perfect solution of solar power system combined with the ability to control multiple energy sources. A hybrid solution ensures maximum uptime, cost reduction and a significant reduction of your carbon footprint. Ultimate reliability to power a wide range of equipment for telecom stations, water treatment plants, oil and gas fields, fish farms, etc.

More energy at less cost

Optimizing battery charging and minimizing diesel generator runtime results in reduction of fuel consumption and refueling costs, as well as reduction in costly on-site visits for maintenance and upgrades.

Go Green with TSS

We at TSS believe that, with our infinitum hybrid solar power system, we can accelerate the dream of a carbon neutral future. With companies looking for sustainable alternatives for carbon intensive energy sources, TSS’ infinitum hybrid solar power system in combination with Advent Techmologies’ fuel cell would be the ultimate green way forward.


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Key Benefits:

• Energy efficient – no cooling of batteries or controllers required
• Modular, upgradable tailor-made solar power system with infinitum
• Reduce CO2 footprint, noise and air pollution
• OPEX savings with reduction in DG operation can be over 80%
• Your wishes on CO2 reduction, battery lifespan and (reduction of) diesel consumption as well as your capex and opex can all be calculated for in our TSS TCO-calculator