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“TSS - Art of No Cooling”

TSS’ expertise is in the development of equipment that can be placed in very hot climatic conditions. The presence of electronic equipment in such hot conditions generally leads to the problem of overheating which can result in inefficient functioning or even a complete failure of the system.


To tackle and alleviate the hitches and inefficiencies that arise as a result of heat, engineers generally employ different cooling systems for forcing a good thermal management. This is normally achieved by the use of fans which don’t have a long lifetime expectancy.

TSS Engineers’ Philosophy: Bottom Up Approach

Innovative design combined with the right selection of components make sure our electronic equipment is highly energy efficient and as a result have only little heat dissipation and don’t require forced cooling by fans.

Furthermore, our specially designed electronic components have in-built heat spreading capabilities which help to spread the heat from hotspots by natural convection within the enclosure.


These intrinsically cooled components ensure that the control equipment inside enclosures are heated up only in a controlled manner up to a maximum of 85°C! Thus, redundancy for temperature dependent failure in tropical environments are secured.


Such an efficiently designed control equipment can simply be used in the shade externally without any form of forced cooling (e.g. under solar modules). Even if the ambient temperature in the shade goes up to 55°C, the equipment continues to function perfectly without the need for any external cooling and without any de-rating.