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The Ultimate Green Solution

• Energy Supply 24/7
• Low noise
• Theft proof
• CO2 emission free
• Biodegradable fuel
• Modular design
• Minimal maintenance
• Integration in any existing site

How does it work?


SerEnergy was founded in 2006, and is today a world-leading developer and supplier of methanol-based fuel cell solutions based out of Denmark. Since its foundation, the company
has deployed more than 1,000 active units globally with telecom as a prime market but serves also other industry segments and delivers for utility applications. SerEnergy is headquartered in Denmark, has an international customer base, partners worldwide, and offices in India and the Philippines. Also, SerEnergy is part of the German based Fischer Group.


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Founded in 2003 and headquartered in The Netherlands, TSS has extensive experience designing and delivering reliable and high performance tailor made solar power solutions for about 1,500 sites. Some of the unique applications include extreme heat, explosion proof, wet offshore conditions, off-grid, standalone, hybrid solar power, and for remote locations which makes them the world’s most trusted off-grid solar hybrid solution provider.


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