UK/the Netherlands | Supply and maintenance hybrid solar power systems for Shell/NAM

Supply and (remote) maintenance of 7 pcs. ATEX Solar (zone 1)-Wind (zone 2) hybrid solar power systems for Shell UK/NAM. Installed on North Sea gas platforms.


Full and only power supply of 7 unmanned platforms. Designed in a dual (2×50%) system setup

System capacity: Systems ranging from 1200 Ah/day @ 24Vdc up to 1400 Ah/day @ 24Vdc

Design features:

Solar arrays ranging from 6,120 Wp up to 6,8400Wp Battery banks ranging from 7,728 Ah @ C120 @ 24Vdc up to 11,592 Ah @ C120 @ 24Vdc

UK Netherlands project TSS
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