TSS expands global foot print. New office in Nairobi, Kenya

TSS the Netherlands, designer of the Worlds most trusted off-grid solar hybrid solutions, has opened a new office in Nairobi, Kenya. The African office is there to serve its customers in Sub Saharan Africa.

TSS solutions can deliver up to 80% reduction in diesel fuel consumption and costs, CO2 emissions and energy related OPEX

Powered by Solar or the grid and a backup generator (if required), TSS solutions are designed to solve the problem associated with the operating costs of diesel generator powered BTS towers, and can deliver up to 80 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption and costs, CO2 emissions and energy related OPEX.

TSS new office Kenya Nairobi

New office in Nairobi fits TSS' strategy

The opening of an office in Nairobi fits well with TSS strategy to work closely with customers where they are, and many of our prospective customers; Tower Companies, Mobile Operators and ESCOs have a solid presence in SSA.

The Sub Saharan region includes countries with an increasing demand for Internet access and mobile services as well as a considerable need for alternative power solutions to reduce energy-related OPEX coming from running diesel powered sites, as well as countries where the market is ready to introduce green power alternatives.

Founded in 2003, TSS has over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering reliable and high-performance solar power solutions in extreme conditions, and we bring this strong and successful background to the Sub Saharan Market.

The new office, which will be located in Westlands, Nairobi is headed by Esther Mwangi, TSS Sales Director for Sub Saharan Africa with support from our Local partners and our Global OEMs.