Industrial Microgrids

Industrial Microgrids

TSS solar microgrid solutions
Reliable power supply for industry
Minimizes OPEX and CO2 footprint

In rapidly developing countries, electricity supply from the grid is often insufficient resulting in frequent power outages that have a negative economic impact on the business sector. Industrial manufacturers that rely on a stable power supply for critical applications often make use of diesel generators as a back-up to keep operations up and running.

Solar microgrids offer a more sustainable and reliable distributed energy system that is easy to operate and maintain, while improving energy availability, Levelized Costs of Energy (LCOE) and CO2 footprint.

Besides reducing a factory’s carbon footprint, solar hybrid microgrids are a great way to reduce costs for diesel and grid electricity e.g., during peak hours, and at the same time increase energy reliability in a sustainable way.

Solar microgrids compare very favorably with microgrids based solely on fossil fuels. Despite relatively low initial investment costs, microgrids that depend on fossil fuels have downsides including high CO2 emissions, exposure to high fuel price volatility, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance costs. Transporting diesel also poses logistics risks in certain locations.

TSS solar systems for Industrial applications

The TSS solar system for commercial and industrial manufacturers optimizes usage of renewable solar energy and a battery energy storage facility, together with factory diesel generators and utility power from the grid. This increases the power supply reliability in a sustainable way.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces LCOE and diesel fuel and utility electricity costs
  • Minimizes OPEX and CO2 footprint
  • Improves air quality and reduces noise pollution
  • Increases availability and reliability of power supply
  • Maximizes operational performance and profitability

Industrial Microgrids Solar Systems